Glückstadt and its surroundings have a high recreational and recreational value: cycling, canoeing, sailing, fishing or just walking on the Elbe dike in fresh sea air overlooking the Elbe and the passing small and large ships.

In the picturesque town and the rural surroundings you can recharge your batteries and take a break from everyday life. Go by bike along the Elbe or through the march. Then relax a bit and enjoy the delicious Glückstädter cuisine at the end of the day. (Der Kleine Heinrich, Anno 1617). Afterwards, take a walk along the harbor, watch ships and say goodbye to the sun setting over the Elbe. End the day and sleep in a peaceful environment.

If you like it a bit sportier, borrow a kayak from our mayor Ulf Ostermann and glide on the Schwarzwasser or Herzhorner Rhin through the meadows and pastures of the march, curiously watching over cows and sheep. On the way you make a small picnic and enjoy the peace and good country air (Rhin canoe).

Traditionally, it is possible to "hire" guests at the Ewer "Gloria" or the "Rigmor von Glückstadt", the oldest still navigable sailing ship in Germany (Rigmor). Sailing on the Elbe or on a trip to Hamburg you can drift or touch - just as you like.

If you are a passionate angler, you will find a tranquil spot on the many small rivers in the area or directly at the harbor.

If you want to get to know Glückstadt better, join a city tour. Or book a helicopter flight, - on request, even with a skydive.

Once a year there is something going on in the tranquil city of Glückstadt. Always on the second Thursday in June, the "Glückstädter Matjeswochen" will be opened. Thousands of visitors will not miss this historic festival. Many come each year for a bite of fresh matjes. The specialty is then everywhere in all its diversity. Shanty choirs and rock bands, blues and folk music, there is something for every taste. Four days of music, open-ship mile, flea market, children's mile and flat-blade regatta are celebrated. - Who wants to be from outside, should reserve a room in time; because it gets tight then in the city.

Culturally Glückstadt has a lot to offer. In the KulturMärz around the founding of the city, around two dozen exhibitions, readings, theaters and short films will be on display in galleries and museums in about four weeks.

A top-class concert is offered every summer in the Glückstädter Stadtkirche as part of the "Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival".

On the second Sunday of September, cultural monuments open nationwide every year as part of the "Culture Night". Glückstadt joins this tradition and offers pure culture until well after midnight.

In the run-up to Christmas, Glückstadt expires the "star magic". Then people sing, read, paint, bake and have a snack. Especially children get their money's worth. The adults will find a wide range of exhibitions and concerts or stroll through the Christmas market in the historic market square.

Events: see Glückstadt Tourism